Memory Care Respite of Florence

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A nonprofit 501(c)(3) was created to provide respite for caregivers as well as socialization and mental stimulation for seniors who are getting a bit too forgetful to be left on their own.  We also accept participants who suffer from memory loss caused by a variety of factors such as Parkinsonís disease, stroke, traumatic brain injury, mild dementia, and early stage Alzheimerís.

During Coffee Club, we take a multifaceted approach to memory care providing respite time for families/caregivers who need a break as well as helping seniors stay sharp, active and vital as they face mild cognitive impairment.  When participants have enrolled with us at the early onset of memory decline, we have seen a marked improvement in their facilities as Coffee Club supports all four aspects of cognitive function.

Coffee Club is held in its own wing adjacent to the Florence Senior Center and is staffed by dedicated volunteers.  Go to our website for our current schedule or information on volunteering. We would love to have you.

We partner with several organizations and provide support to families as they help their loved ones navigate a new stage of life.  We can connect you with helpful trainings and resources in the area.  Not quite there yet?  Through our Facebook page (, youíll find weekly tips on care giving as well as self-care.

For more information, email us at

With loving care

Juels Larson

Memory Care Respite of Florence, President


For more information please call (541) 590-3055